Membership: As the official collectors of Palm Desert History, the Historical Society plays an active role in support of our community and we invite you to do the same by becoming an HSPD member. With your tax deductible membership you will receive our quarterly newsletter “The Hourglass”. Come help us in our ongoing mission to gather, preserve and restore historical materials important to the citizens and future of Palm Desert.

$ 30.00
Family: $ 35.00
Student: $15.00
Supporting: $ 50.00
Contributing: $ 100.00
Patron: $ 250.00
Bronze Lifetime: $ 1,000.00
Silver Lifetime: $ 2,500.00
Gold Lifetime: $ 5,000.00
Business/Organizations: $ 75.00

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Our Mailing Address is:
Historical Society of Palm Desert
PO Box 77, Palm Desert, CA 92261-0077
Phone: 760.346-6588

Volunteers: We invite you to volunteer at the Historical Society. We can always use whatever special talent you are willing to share with us and we’d love to get to know you as you learn some of the history of our city. Some of our volunteers give tours, others help with our “mini musters” (going with the fire department to local schools to teach fire safety), some help with our annual Firehouse Sale, while still others learn to handle archives and preservation of precious pictures and documents. Give us a call. 760.346.6588 or email to:

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Historical Society of Palm Desert California Volunteers. Wearing their red shirts.